Become a Commis Chef

When you have completed your training at a chef or culinary school you will have to face the work force and in the chefing industry in an industrial kitchen a group of chefs is known as a kitchen brigade. When you become a chef you should know that there is a lot of team work involved and you cannot become a top chef overnight.

A commis chef will be someone entering the industry either after their training or as an apprentice where they will learn on the job, being paid a little less as if someone were coming from chef’s school.

The duties of a commis chef would be just about anything that his or her head chef requires. They would be preparing vegetables and food for the day. A commis chef should know they are at the lowest point of the rank and should be able to put up with anything. Often it is not a very good environment to work in with orders from other chefs shouting at you, demanding you to run around the kitchen and do their dirty work, but this is where everyone started and you can’t shoot straight to the top.

The chef’s salary of a commis chef is not the greatest either, but as you progress like with any other job your head chef will assess your situation. When you enter the industry for the first time you should have a lot of passion and it should not be about the money in the beginning.

With a lot of perseverance you will eventually climb up the ladder to demi chef, the next level or maybe you will be promoted as junior chef de partie, which would involve specializing in one particular type of food, such as fish, meat or vegetables. You could even become a pastry chef if that is your goal.

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