Patio Beverage Cooler

A patio beverage cooler is a must for the patio these days for a well integrated, entertaining experience. A patio, either roofed or not, is a great spot to relax with family and friends, as well as participate in some serious entertaining. A beverage cooler of some description is a great idea because it allows everyone to remain on the patio, rather than going in and out of the house to the refrigerator in the kitchen. The beverage cooler can be purchased in a range of shapes, sizes and materials as well as a variety of styles. They can be portable or fixed in place and rely on either ice or electricity to keep the beverages cool. A patio and warm weather make for a winning combination and accoutrements such as a beverage cooler, complete the picture.

A patio beverage cooler can be as large or small as you want and as simple as a bucket of ice. However, given the variety of creatively crafted coolers on the market today, you are sure to find something which not only matches your patio decore, but may turn out to be a conversation piece as well. Some beverage coolers are small and portable enough to sit on the table, so you won’t even need to leave your seat to fetch a refill. Others are free standing with artistically crafted legs of various heights and can be freely moved around the patio. They are designed to be fashionable as well as portable.

Other varieties include insulated box shaped containers which come in small through to large sizes, but essentially store ice and drinks at a location of your choice, such as between chairs as well as beside, or on the table. Some coolers which have come on the market recently, have wheels as well as a pull out handle to make transporting a filled cooler very easy. The enclosed box style coolers can also be moved from patio to car to picnic spot or boat, proving a very versatile option for keeping beverages cool, no matter the occasion.

For those who choose to go electric, and whose patio is roofed, there are a range of beverage refrigerators on the market. Some consumers in this situation like to go for a full size upright refrigerator which stays permanently in the one spot on the patio. This is the ultimate patio beverage cooler and has been known to be called a ‘beer fridge’. These are also available in small sizes and because of the smaller and lighter design, they can be easily moved if necessary. Electric patio beverage coolers also come in the small portable box design (as opposed to upright) and can be placed on the patio table. Like the ice filled, portable box coolers, the electric box coolers can be used in car and boat but with the added advantage of being able to run by battery or a standard electric outlet.

So like any consumer purchase, you should work out what you want to do with the beverage cooler and then choose the one which best suits your needs. With the small artistic coolers though, they are cheap enough to purchase in multiple quantities and strategically place them around the patio area for a decorative as well as functional effect.

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