The Chef Apron and Pants

The chef apron and chef pants were all primarily designed for protection purposes. Many restaurants pride themselves on having a culinary team that can sport the bright white uniform which represents cleanliness, efficiency and a high quality of in the kitchen. So, while the uniform may have been designed for protection and cleanliness, the chef profession added a distinct cultural stamp to the clothing by embracing the idea that pure white is a sign of ultimate professionalism.

Another unique attribute of the chef uniform seems to be its almost ageless and immediately identifiable recognition. The uniform itself immediately identifies its wearer as a food professional. When the chef apron and chef pants are worn with the chef hat you immediately bring validation and identity to the wearer as a culinary professional. The uniforms also add that fancy finesse to the back yard grill master who wants to impress friends and family.

Today’s chef aprons come in a variety of colors and styles to meet the needs of aspiring chefs at any level.
The chef apron is a very predominant part of the chef outfit. The chef apron can be worn short or long. If it is worn short, it barely covers the chefs’ lower body and leaves no protection against spills and burns.
“Ouch”…. This is a personal preference for each chef apron wearer.

Another description of the chef apron is cooking apron. In essence these words mean the same thing but the chef apron is used somatically in the restaurant setting and the cooking apron is used in the more informal home environment.

Chef pants can range from a variety of styles and colors. The typical white pant is still very popular with bakers. The most popular standard design in chef pants are the blue and white or black and white check hounds tooth design which helps to camouflage spills.

Many of today’s food professionals like to have their work attire reflect their own specific flare and many of today’s culinary businesses like to have their employees wear attire that is reflective of a corporate mission, vision or value of some kind. iD by Landau can present fashion uniform options to match your own mission, vision or values.

iD by Landau can provide your customized chef apron, and cooking apron needs. Customizable chef aprons can take your restaurant business to the next level. They also have many styles of chef pants to choose from and iD by Landau offers a rainbow of colors and has the ability to custom embroider your chef uniform. You owe it to yourself and your company to find the best chef uniforms available. Work with a sense of style and pride. Visit iD by Landau to find your perfect design, color and style for your culinary attire needs.

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